We are planning a Forest Kindergarten in Mid Sussex in 2018 and have been investigating several different sites across the district. We are keen to develop a local pre-school provision where children will spend the majority of their day outside in the woods! 

We have been visiting some fantastic outdoor pre-schools & nurseries over the last couple of months to get some inspiration and to see the concept in action. We plan to keep this page updated as our plans take shape. Our new venture has a new name....Treehoppers FK! At the moment we are working on policies, procedures, our parents information pack, admin and our Ofsted application. 

We hope to begin shortly in 2 possible locations: Ardingly and East Grinstead and intend to do some shorter 2 hour drop off sessions in the lead up to our Ofsted registration completing. Watch this space!!

If you have any questions or would like more information please do contact Suzanne at treehoppersfk@gmail.com. We will also be looking for qualified Early Years Professionals shortly to join our team.

We have also been asking local parents to complete a short survey for us  - you can click on the link below to access this.