Forest School is becoming more and more popular and there is now plenty of research which shows the benefits it can bring. It helps children to develop a connection with nature and improves a whole range of skills from personal, social & emotional to communication skills and physical development (with plenty of opportunities to climb, run & balance). Being outdoors sparks childrens' curiosity and imagination and is a real joy to see. 

But setting up a Forest School and training staff is expensive and means a big investment in equipment, time and training. It can also be hard work, and being outdoors in all weathers certainly isn't for everyone! If you are interested in finding out more we can offer your setting a taster session with qualified and experienced Level 3 Leaders so you can get a better understanding of the Forest School ethos; we can also provide regular sessions or one off themed events (perhaps for an end of term celebration). We have several sites that your group can visit, or if you have access to woodland nearby or outdoor space we are happy to come to you. For more information please contact us at

Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take away the walls
— Erin Kenny