Our Dangerous Dads group is a great opportunity for Dads/Stepdads/Grandads & Uncles to come along to the woods for a couple of hours and spend some time with their children. We run these sessions once a month and usually like to do some cooking on the fire, get the tools out to have a go at some simple woodland crafts, get muddy and messy, build dens (this can get very competitive!) or just chill out in the hammocks.

The children absolutely love having a 'Dad date' and itโ€™s also a chance for Dads to meet other Dads, share the stresses & the challenges of parenting and just chat. Our group is part of the wider 'Dangerous Dads Network' which was started by Ian Blackwell in 2007. To find out more about it and the infamous 'Dad Dancing championships' click on the image below.

Check our Booking Page for more info on dates, venues and times: